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Web Development

We will guide you in creating a product from scratch, or help to develop improvements for your current online brand and business. Either way, we'll keep things simple and beautiful.

Consulting & Tech Support

From desktop & server administration to network engineering and everything in between, we've got you covered. We provide enterprise level IT expertise at a fraction of what a full department would cost. Most importantly however, we speak the language of normal people. Techno jargon, not required.


We've created simple solutions to help address our clients' most common technical challenges. Our web products and applications are available for purchase and coupled with extensive support Contact us for details on what we can offer you.

Our Story

In 2013 Formation Tech was established to help people once again enjoy the experience of technology. Neither tech support, nor the leveraging of excellent software should be a frustration. We prefer technology to be viewed as a help, rather than a hinderance. Portions of our work deal with the very complex, but our passion will always be built on opportunities to think critically and creatively, as well as a love for working directly with people.

  • Ed Tech Specialists

    After nearly a decade of working for public districts, we ventured out independently. Formation Tech is now taking excellent, enterprise level service to as many students as possible, with no limits in sight.

  • Ed Tech Services

    Wide Area Networking
    Local Area Networks and Wi-Fi
    Internet Filtering and CIPA Compliance
    Student Information System and State Reporting
    Learning Management Systems
    Technology Purchasing
    Classroom Design
    Projection and Interactive Whiteboards
    Technology Staff Development


  • Account Reset Tool

    Looking for a simple self-service password manager for your network users? This little tool performs secure, safe password changes and resets for your Active Directory integrated accounts.

Our ToolsRuby On Rails • HTML5
JavaScript • PostgreSQL
Cisco IOS • Active Directory
Linux • Windows Server • OS X

Who you gonna call


Our team is currently based in
Temecula, CA
Murrieta, CA
and surrounding parts of Southern California.

California is our home, but we were built on remote work and don't plan limit ourselves based on location. We'd like to think our reach is as far as the Internet.


(951) 249-6991

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